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Every place people go, they like to visit department stores or perhaps, traditional markets to shop for some unique stuffs or gifts for their own or for families even relatives. Some hotels in New Zealand provide accommodation for the tourists so they can go shopping easily without getting lost or confused. So, the first destination you should go is the designer shops located in the Newmarket. In this place, the tourists can find and see the local designers like Karen Walker. She has been known as the famous designer in this kiwi city since there are many female Hollywood Star come to her stores and buy some items. To satisfy the customers, those designers also provide all the international labels you can choose from. Newmarket is known as the right place for those who come to look for any kinds of shoes with 24 of them crammed into the area. If you are tired of shopping and want to have a drink or meal, you can go to the trendy cafes and upmarket restaurants and bars.

Do you want to experience and celebrate unique cultures of New Zealand while shopping? Then go to Otara Markets where you can find lots of diverse cultures and purchase arts, crafts, clothing, jewellery, fashion and genuine local food and fresh produce. Please come on a Friday evening to the Silo Markets because you will see and enjoy clothing booths, food booths and entertainment performed by local and international DJ's. Meanwhile, if you love collecting old accessories, then come to the Silo Markets on Saturday where everyone can purchase vintage clothing, contemporary art and a diverse mix of food booths. If you visit New Zealand with the kids, please do not mind to bring them with you while visiting these markets since there are charming Auckland Harbour waterfront as the comfortable place where you can sit, have a bite to eat and take.

If you like collecting branded stuffs or cloths, then going to the outlet shopping are the right step. One of the outlets New Zealand has is Dress-smart. It has been known as the largest outlet where man and woman can purchase their desired brands. You can get what you want here without worrying you will spend much money since you can do a good deal. Other outlets can be found also around the city neighborhoods. The largest and the best mall for shopping in New Zealand is Sylvia Park where there are more than 200 stores in it. Each store sells fashion, gifts, home wares, books and other things. If you are hungry, then you are allowed to choose from a great choice of dining options to fill your empty stomach. This mall also provides a movie theater for those who want to spend their times watching movies. New Zealand also has other malls which are St. Lukes, Glenfield Mall, Henderson Mall and Shore City.

Now, you have known the best places to go shopping but still confused about the unique gifts you want to purchase and take home? Maori gifts can be a choice since they are known as the original natives of New Zealand. These gifts can be found when you visit the shops and Maori tourist attractions where they also sell bone carvings, wood carvings, silver jewellery, jade jewellery and Maori dolls. Shopping for the spa gifts is also a good idea to amuse your wife or the beloved one. The gifts can be purchased at one of the thermal spas located on the North Island of New Zealand. A good thing about the spa is made from volcanic activity in the area. Most tourists and locals like to collect the thermal mud baths. Maybe you want this one also? You can also take a look for the other products such as bath salts, volcanic mud treatments and aromatherapy products.

Shopping for New Zealand wines can be a great choice as unique gifts. Some regions producing wines are Waiheke Island, Gisborne, Hawkes Bay, Wairarapa, Martinborough, Wairau Gulf, Omihi Hills and Waipara. By visiting those regions, you can have from white wines to the red wines. The popular brands of New Zealand wines are Amor-Bendell Wines, Cape Campbell Wines, Foxes Island Wines, New Zealand Fruit Wines and Quartz Reef Wines.